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The Anchor Text Generator Tool helps to create HTML a href in bulks. Free tool for online anchor link generator for SEO using as text links. This Anchor Text Creator tool is free for everyone.

How to Use Anchor Text Generator Tool?

Select your keywords and put in Enters URLs (each per line) and you can put keywords in the second section Enter Keywords (each per line) and after that click the Generate button and the Anchor Text shown in the Results section you can use Anchor Text in other backlinks sites.


What is Anchor Text?

On the Internet, Anchor Text usually appears in underlined blue. However, this is only a more or less followed habit and a developer may very well decide to display them with another typographical specificity. This form is only used to point out the presence of an anchor to the Internet user and has no technical influence.

HTML a href have been around since the beginnings of the web. Their goal is to allow the user to move from one web page to another with a single click. Linking the pages of the same site together consists of working on its internal mesh. When a link points from an external site to your page, it is instead called a backlink (literally a backlink or inbound link).

Let's say we want to insert in the page you are reading a link to itself. This is not of much interest in SEO terms, as you will understand from the rest of the article. However, this is what the anchor looks like physically: This is a link anchor - -

However, this is only the visible part of the anchor, the part that your visitors will see. At the HTML code level, this is what a link anchor looks like:

Highindigital is Social Bookmarking Sites | Profile Creation Sites Technically, it, therefore, consists of an anchor text taking an URL as reference (href). Other attributes can be integrated for more functionality, however, the proposed code is sufficient on its own. From there, it is possible to place any text inside the tags. As we will see, however, not all highlighted words have the same impact on SEO.